after three years of seizing market share from Chinese rivals,foreign auto makers are starting to take it from each other。在3年内从中国竞争对手手中大幅抢占市场份额后,Ford Motor Co,VolkSwagen AG and Hyundai Motor corp . are All Poised to end the year with Significant Market Share Gains in the World福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co)、大众(这些公司迅速顺应了市场对体育多用途车辆(SUV)和面向中国消费者的定制新车品种的市场需求)。

at least some of those gains are at the expense of other foreign players . general motors co .Toyota motorcorp .and Nissan motorco。have all seen theirchina market share shrink so far this year。但是其中市场份额减少最少的是以其他海外汽车制造商的损失为代价。今年到目前为止,通用汽车(General Motors Co)、丰田汽车(Toyota Motorco)。

日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co)在中国的市场份额均下滑。foreign players are chasing drivers like Qian Jin。after months wavering between fords Kuga,volkswagens Tiguan and NIS sans X-Trail ca The Beijing-based freelance photo grapher decides花钱提出了这个要求,You dont need to push a button,he said . its a very considerate design。

他说要按按钮。这是一个非常坦率的设计。data released Tuesday showed Chinas overall passenger vehicle sales rose 15% in the period from January to November,With the total market周二公布的数据显示,今年1 ~ 11月,中国消费者仍然关注海外品牌,因此,大部分主要海外汽车制造商(市场份额持平或上升的制造商)在中国市场的汽车销量正在迅速增长。but the companies say competitive pressure is increasing . its critically important for car makers to launch the right products at the right time Said但是这些企业回应说,竞争压力正在增大。

LMC Automotive分析师John Zeng指出,在正确的时间向汽车制造商销售正确的产品非常重要。In an October interview,Gm China president bob socia called this year a little bit of an off year in China for the Detroit auto maker as a result of feerits totally about having the right product,Mr. socia said.lastmonth,GM said Mr . socia would retire in January and that his sus GM chinnetssurbo称其几乎每个都销售不同的准确产品。通用汽车上月回应说,Suribo将于明年1月卸任,他的继任者钱惠康(Matthew Tsien)将由GM首席执行官Dan Akerson领导。


According to j.d. power associates,there are 524 car models offered by 96 brands in China,Compared with 294 models sold by 45 brands in themost foreign auto makers are so far maintaining and even increasing profitability In China,say analysts,In part by pressuring parts makers分析师们到目前为止,这些汽车制造商都没有公开中国市场的利润数据。At the same time,they are increasing spending on marketing to reach Chinese consumers . Nielsen-cc data,A joint venture between Nielsen with the former sponsoring the voice of China while the latter advertised on Chinese idol尼尔森(Nielsen)是一家由中资数据公司正式成立的合资公司,名为尼尔森-CC数据(Nielsen) 今年通用汽车和福特汽车都赞助了电视台的歌唱比赛。通用汽车赞助商创造了“中国好声音”,福特汽车沦为“中国梦之声”的赞助。

Ford has seen sales surge By more than 50% to about 840,000 vehicles as of the first 11 months of this year compared with the year-earlier perion今年1月至11月,福特汽车销量同比上升50%以上,超过约84万辆,主要是因为该公司希望到2015年将产量提高一倍。这家美国汽车制造商回应说,从2011年到2015年,将在中国发行15种新车,包括豪华品牌林肯(Lincoln)和经典野马(Mustang)汽车。the Chinese like a little bit more room in the backseat,they like a little bit more chrome on the front,said David schoch,President of fords福特汽车亚太地区总裁肖,所以我们考虑了中国人的市场需求。south Koreas Hyundai has focused on mid-and compact-sized vehicles,focusing on China-exclusive models such as the yue dong,lanan韩国现代汽车只关注中型和小型汽车,特别是针对中国的车型,如快乐、朗东、明道。


分析人士表示,现代汽车使用的欧式设计顺应了中国消费者的审美观。今年前11个月,现代汽车在中国汽车市场的份额为7.4%,低于2012年7.1%。Toyota and NIS San are still grappling with the fallout of a territorial dispute between Beijing and Tokyo that led To Chinese consumers last year score日产汽车最近在广州一家车展上表示,该公司计划在中长期内将在中国汽车市场的份额从目前严重的6%以下提高到10%。

Niu Yu,a spokesman for Toyota China,said it is on track to meet its goal of selling 900,000 vehicles in China this year and plans to raise toin the future we will focus on low-cost cars Hybrid vehicles,he said。丰田中国发言人表示,该公司计划今年在中国销售90万辆车的目标,并将2014年销量提高到100万辆以上。他说,在未来,我们将集中在低成本汽车和混合动力汽车上。By contrast,Honda has increased its market share to 3.3% in the first 11 months of the year from 3.1% last year as it reved up efforts to incc这主要是因为该公司增加了想在车型上吸引中国人兴趣的因素。

今年9月,本田汽车推出了多用途汽车Jade,该车型专门为中国市场设计了3列座椅板,顺应了中国消费者对车内空间的拒绝。本田汽车说,到11月份为止,已经售出了2万辆杰德汽车。not all Chinese auto makers have seen market share declines . great wall motor co。has seen its market share rise to 3.5% from 3.2% lasse Ength of its dependence on SUVs。

并非所有中国本土汽车制造商的市场份额都有所上升。长城汽车(Great Wall Motor Co)的市场份额从去年的3.2%上升到3.5%,主要得益于该公司的主力SUV。while market leaders such as GM and VW have won brand recognition in China after more than a decade of operations,Chinese Consumers Remain Less Loyal通用汽车和大众汽车等市场领导人经过10多年的经营,在中国获得了品牌知名度,但中国消费者对汽车品牌的忠诚度并不低于西方国家消费者。


英寸,Auto culture is far from being established . buying cars is somewhat like taking friends to restaurants . most of people are unlikely to go to前两三次,大部分人不太可能去同一个餐厅。Mr . meis survey of second-time car buyers showed that 85 of every 100 people said they prefer a different brand。